General troubleshooting

When experiencing issues please start by following the below troubleshooting steps.


1.Clear your device cache and force closing the app and then try again. 

-Devices such as firesticks are great devices but they require regular maintenance to perform at their best


To clear the cache on your firestick:

-Start up your Firestick and begin at the main menu.

-Scroll to the right and find the Settings menu

-Select Applications 

-Select Manage Installed Applications

-You will now see a list of the installed applications on your firestick

-Scroll down and select the app your having issues with.

-Select Clear Cache. (Click Yes to clear cache if prompted)

-Select Force Close

-Feel free to clear cache and force close any other apps. Delete any apps you no longer use to increase storage.


For other devices search google: "How do I clear cache on __________ " 


2. Reset/unplug your device for 1 minute and then try again after rebooting the device.


3. Make sure your using the latest app version available for your device. You may need to delete and reinstall the app.


4. If the problem persists after these steps have been completed open up a support ticket or email us at


5.Important: Be sure to let us know what Device (LGTV, firestick, ipad, iphone, android box, etc) and apps you are using in order for us to help you as quickly as possible.


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